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Recent Entries

100 Seeds, 100 Dreams


Welcome to our new journal, which we’ve named 100 Seeds. It’s our diary, our photographic journal, and a space for us to curate and document the most beautiful parts of our work. We hope it becomes a bit of an online retreat, like that special, quiet place in your house where you collect treasures, make discoveries and dreams, and spark inspiration.


Chest of 100 Seeds, Photo Credit: technicolours

The name comes from the ancient apothecary cabinets of the Orient, called百子櫃”, which translates literally to “Chest of 100 Seeds.” They were full of precious herbs and hidden secrets, each one unlocking a potential new ritual. Used for centuries in royal apothecaries, these chests house rows of tiny, small drawers, each filled with the finest roots, flowers, and seeds. They held the power, mystique, and delicacy of the herbal formulas that each herb was to be a part of. 

We remember our first time setting foot in an ancient apothecary and having the sense of entering a different time, when wisdom in herbal medicine was revered, when bitter plants were the most luxurious of foods, and when bodily connection to the natural was paramount. This continues to inspire our work and mission of recreating the grace and beauty of a health delicacy and luxurious edible ritual.

Seeds also symbolize the beginning of things — an inception, the power of new life, new ideas, and new discoveries. A spark of hidden mystery and the potential of new rituals yet to be discovered. Here, we’ll collect those bits of inspiration that are special to us and our products.


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Leaves of Gold


We’re feeling inspired after the holiday and in awe of these beautiful photos. This ginko tree is believed to be over 1400 years old and planted by Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty. Ginko trees, often called Maidenhair trees for their impressive golden foliage, offer culinary and medicinal uses of their seeds and leaves. Known as living fossils, these trees were around 270 million years ago. Some seriously ancient medicine!



Original source: Colossal

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A Time for Gratitude

As Thanksgiving approaches, life seems to speed up before it slows down. And we refocus on what matters — gratitude, our loved ones, and the importance of tradition. Here at the Reorient office, we’re still in busy mode, trying to wrap things up and introduce a new product before the holidays. From Southern California to Hong Kong, we’re traveling to different parts of the world to celebrate with family, cook timeless dishes, experiment with new ones, and settle down into a slower pace. We look at Thanksgiving as a time to reflect, to take a step back and savor all the parts of life that bring us meaning, enjoyment, and love.

We hope this holiday brings you an abundance of nourishing foods, time with your loved ones, and a moment to reflect on the importance of connecting with others in gratitude.

The Reorient Team

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5 Wellness Secrets for Cold Weather

People often ask me if I have any special health and beauty tips from my culture, or my family, and I tell them that the best wellness practices are often the simplest ones! My grandmother has never used a single skincare product in her life and she still has some of the most beautiful skin I’ve seen.

Here are the simplest, most effective tips for wellness, especially for the upcoming season, to incorporate into your daily routine.

  1. Hot Water

Yes, hot water. Drink lots of it. Drink it whenever you are thirsty, and whenever you feel like drinking ice water. Especially in the fall and winter seasons. It does so much for the body and skin, since warm water is much easier to absorb and ultra nourishing for the body.

Main Photo Credit: Christian Kaden

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Introducing Flora Clara: Embracing the Heat of Summer

These past weeks, San Francisco (where our office is) has been unusually hot. We know it’s probably hot where you are too. These long summer days, late nights, and indulgent summer eating have left us craving detoxification and relief. So we’ve been inspired by detox rituals from the Orient that are gentle, balancing, and perfect for this kind of weather.

These rituals are rooted in ancient health doctrines based on the idea of balance. Our health and beauty is constantly influenced by this balance of elements – hot and cold, damp and dry, yin and yang – as well as by external factors such as temperature, food, and stress. Heat, specifically, is exacerbated by diet choices and overwork, and manifests in our bodies as inflammation, water retention, lethargy, and skin irritations.

These rituals are rooted in ancient health doctrines based on the idea of balance. Our health and beauty is constantly influenced by this balance of elements – hot and cold, damp and dry, yin and yang – as well as by external factors such as temperature, food, and stress.

In the East, woman throughout the ages have recognized the negative impacts of severe heat on their bodies, skin, and spirit, and have tried to stop symptoms before they begin. An intricate hand fan was a crucial accessory for every lady, but their true secret to beauty in the summer heat was in incorporating cooling herbs and botanicals into food and tonics. Women in Asia today still rely on those recipes passed down from generations before them.

Our newest elixir, Flora Clara, offers a modern interpretation of this ancient remedy. Formulated with cooling herbs and light, ethereal flowers, it supports a body in need of purification. A luxurious moment of self-care in a busy world.

We hope this elixir brings you renewal and refreshment, like that rare, treasured summer breeze.

Photo Credit: Antonio Acuña

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Elixirs: Your Newest Health & Beauty Addiction

We recently introduced Rose & Root, an herbal delicacy for nourishment in the evenings. Because some might not be familiar with the concept of elixirs, here’s a brief overview on what they are, and how to incorporate them into your daily lifestyle.

What is an elixir?

It’s a concentrated formula of herbal and floral ingredients, similar to a botanical syrup with nourishing benefits. Our elixirs, in particular,  are crafted with the finest natural and whole ingredients, and made over the course of weeks using artisanal methods.

Why elixirs?

Most beauty routines these days target the exterior of the body, like hand cream or face wash. We believe that the body needs just as much pampering and nourishment on the inside. Though there are plenty of healthy foods like tea, juice, and of course fresh vegetables and fruits, our elixirs focus on deep nourishment and rejuvenation, utilizing traditional plants and flowers in the way they’ve been used for thousands of years in the Orient for health and beauty.

Are they edible?

Yes, our elixirs are edible, artisanal delicacies made with high quality organic or wildcrafted botanical ingredients.

What is Rose & Root all about?

We’re big believers in the importance of a good night’s sleep, since it’s during this time that our bodies and minds restore and regenerate. We wanted to draw on the replenishing powers of the night, to create a product that nourishes the blood and fortifies the body during sleep, for mental clarity and physical vitality upon waking. Of course, that’s also the key to beauty — a well-rested, radiant complexion, and mental clarity. Over time this elixir is designed to nurture the body and complexion, increasing vitality, beauty, and luminosity.

What does “nourishing the blood” mean?

We’ve written about the importance of blood in ancient Asian health doctrines. The blood is viewed as the holder and messenger of the body’s vital energy. Like the pipes that carry water through a house, the blood delivers important nutrients and moisture to all parts of our body. Keeping the blood nourished is a big component of beauty, as it increases the radiance of the complexion and vitality of the body.

How do I take Rose & Root?

We designed it to be taken right before bedtime, capitalizing on your time in slumber for the ingredients to do their magic. We suggest incorporating it into your evening routine, taking a spoonful 3-4 times a week. You can sip it from a spoon, or mix it in a cup of warm water for a soothing drink.

The beauty of Rose & Root is that it can complement any existing nighttime practice and furthers the preparation of body and mind for rest.

What does it taste like?

Drawing on three nourishing roots and fragrant rose, the elixir is aromatic and floral at first, then earthy and sweet, with a slightly bitter (but sufficiently pleasant) finish.

How important is it to stick to the 3-4 week recommendation?

That is our recommendation for how Rose & Root should be taken. Everyone’s body is different, and some may wish to take a larger dosage, more frequently, while it is also completely fine to take at a lesser frequency sometimes. Our formulas are gentle and meant to sway your body in the right direction, so pay attention to how your body feels! Our only guideline is that it should be consistent, as this is an ongoing nourishment routine.

Why are there two bottles included in the box?

Rose & Root is based on the principle of nourishment, which takes place over time. The packaged volume of 8 oz was intended to be used for a certain period of time for ongoing results, but packaging it in two bottles maximizes freshness and potency for your enjoyment and nourishment.

Stay tuned for more news, inspiration, and tips on how to use Rose & Root. For now, find Rose & Root on our website,

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We are a small botanical haven in SF, inspired by the history and healing traditions of the Orient. We’re currently taking a break from making our remedies, but continue to explore projects for preserving the beauty of this old world art form. This journal is inspired by ancient apothecary cabinets of the Orient, called Chests of 100 Seeds, full of precious herbs and hidden secrets, each one a key to a potential new ritual.

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