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Chinese New Year celebrations have begun, and it’s one of our favorite times of year — offering the promise of a fresh cycle and new opportunities. This holiday also marks the passing of the torch in the Chinese zodiac, as we shift now out of the year of the Monkey and into the year of the Rooster….

Using a complex and ancient astrological system weaving symbolism and mythology, cosmic forces and subtle observation, the Chinese have discovered a way to find our fortunes in the stars – and we like the idea. We have translated these horoscopes directly from a famous Chinese astrologer and he doesn’t mince words – so be prepared – not all horoscopes are created lucky!

But, luck is ever-changing, so take your fortune with a pinch of salt. We see it as food for thought on the never-ending quest for better living, and we hope you might too. In any case, we can hope that to be forewarned is to be forearmed! Look below to discover your fortune…

Rat: After a year of avoiding potential traps, you may relax and take in your new-found good luck. It’s time to go outside and be social, start relationships and take chances in work. What was old will now feel new! However, beware of trips and falls, disagreements and arguments, keep kindness in your heart to avoid unnecessary altercations!

Ox: Your compatibility to the Rooster serves you well this year! Particularly in love, career and wealth, the stars are in your favor. Take advantage of every opportunity, for you will be regarded in high esteem and many will seek to help you along your path. But, watch out for temptations Oxen, and try not to tangle yourself up in things that do not matter, frivolous distractions do not need your focus.

Tiger: It is your year, Tigers, so give yourselves a round of applause or a pat on the back. Last year had you down on your luck, but now is your chance to soar. A calm and steady year for love, celestial forces will draw you towards career advancements. Remember though, work is not everything, so care for your relationships and spend time with family. But mostly tigers, take action! Be brave and conquer, this is your year.  

Rabbit: Rabbits may find themselves in conflict with the year ahead. Both the Rabbit and its fixed element, Wood, are in conflict with the commanding planet Jupiter, the Rooster, and its fixed element Metal. This bodes poorly for the Rabbit, who may experience setbacks in love and career. However, opposition is not always bad, and preparation may prove the key to success this year. It may feel like nothing is working but, lay low and bide your time, give yourself a boost by changing your look or moving to a new place, and wait for your chance in the wheel of luck.

Dragon: Peach blossoms and peace for you this year! Blessings will adorn you and love and relationship will fall into place with ease and grace. Dragons tend to put excess pressure on themselves, but try not to this year, you and your work will shine with ease. Open the window, feel the breeze, and relax. If you embrace your luck, all the blossoms will surely turn into fruit. Older dragons, take special care of yourself in sickness to avoid possible health problems!

Snake: While last year was not your best, this year is worth celebrating! In love and interpersonal relationships, your compatibility with the commanding planet Jupiter offers you great luck and possibility. Cultivating positive relations will be your saving grace when it comes to your career. Owing to the bad luck of last year, career is still a place of possible struggle, as is wealth, but with uncertain luck coming your way, the effort and care with which you proceed will be to your benefit – and you will not go it alone! Look out for a special helper this year who may make everything just a little easier. . .

Horse: A year of romance for the Horse, and a perfect time to work on your commitments. This year all you need are your friends and loved ones, and all else will follow nicely. Remember though, abundant socializing might be taxing on your body so be sure to exercise and keep healthy! Stay focused on your continued work instead of your accomplishments, and with so many peach blossoms scattered around you – beware of temptation!

Sheep: The sheep face their share of inauspicious stars this year, associated with accidents and negative energy, but nonetheless you should sail smoothly with a little caution. A suitable year for relationships, and potentially good for wealth, this is a steady year for Sheep. Reflect on your past and remember the things you have already done. Live your life and prepare for what may lie ahead.

Monkey: After a year of hard luck, you can smile at the year to come. Things may turn around for you in all areas: love, career, wealth and health. Last year, the year of the Monkey, found you under the curse of bad luck brought to those born in the same year as the ruling animal. However, this may be an extremely social year for you, and good for your romantic life. You will be attractive to those around you so keep up your confidence – and if you have found someone to love, this may be the year to start living with them…

Rooster: You are recovering from a very tired year, but don’t worry, even though you are under the curse of the same year bad luck, your luck is much better than it could be!  This is a good year to focus on business and wealth. You will have the help of those you work with. Be aggressive – but beware of your suspicions and unkind thoughts, as they may be a product of your perceived misfortune. Take yourself to celebrations and places of beauty – do not sit complacently by, use your new energy to fight the curse of the bad luck year and things may turn out just fine!

Dog: Dogs may do best to bide their time this year. Take care of your body, tend to yourself, and try your best to keep up your positive attitude. Conserve your energy and focus inward. Learn how to rely on yourself this year, because you have just what you need to keep you going.

Pig: Last year was excellent for the pigs; this year is a year of preparation. Your luck may falter – and you are advised to take extra caution not to take a misstep – but Pigs are naturally gifted and talented and tend to be motivated by the promise of a challenge. So – stay alert! Remember that it is ok to lose – especially if it is one battle for the sake of the war – so take a rest and store your energy. Sleep, work, learn new things and wait for the day when they will serve you splendidly! 

We hope you enjoyed your fortune! Whether your year is looking up or down, the most important factor in determining your future is the action you take in the present – so take care of yourself, stay mindful, and encourage those around you to do the same. Happy Crowing!

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